Lighting and Climate Control Solutions

Let Experience Audio Video Inc. help you revamp your residential spaces with our Crestron products. Residential solutions like Smart Home lighting and climate control systems can learn your routines, work with you on your schedule, and anticipate what you need without doing anything.

You can save time and money with home lighting automation and climate control solutions that aid with heating and cooling. While products are designed to assist you in keeping tabs on your home surroundings and making excellent use of the information you get, Crestron Smart Home interior climate solutions create the best home lighting automation and climate control to ensure your home paradise 24/7.

Why Revamp Your Home with Crestron Home?

  • Experience Audio Video, Inc. of Orange County are experts in smart lighting automation and residential climate control solutions. Aside from being an authorized dealer for Crestron, we are your go-to plugs for smart home installation and sales. You need to hit your keypad stating, “The perfect lighting and climate control systems near me,” and you’re good to go.

Best Home Lighting Automation

You can control and regulate the amount of light at intervals, either from a distance or close range. You get to enjoy the convenience of dimming your home’s lights from anywhere. Lights and televisions will no longer be left on when you leave your rooms, and dimmers and keypads can be wirelessly operated to enhance your home’s aesthetics.

Imagine being able to change the mood of an entire house or a single room by just pressing a button. Lighting is no longer just a matter of turning it on or off; it’s now an art form that can transform the mood and atmosphere of any space.

Crestron home

Sustainable Climate Control & Energy Savings

  • Crestron Home allows you to control your climate and energy with just a few taps of a button. You can set your thermostat to automatically change to your preferred temperature settings when you leave the house or go to bed.

Certified Crestron Dealer for your Complete SmartHome Transformation in Orange County

  • We are the best Crestron Home experts for your project because we always add a personal touch to smart home systems. 
  • Let’s get started with your residential project. A free quote marks the beginning of your Crestron.
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