Residential Media Racks

Experience Audio Video Inc. can help you revamp your home with our Crestron products and home media racks systems. A media rack makes it easy to control all of your multi-room audio and video from one convenient location. This is why at Entertainment Audio Video Inc. we created this service to improve our customers’ homes in Orange County. 

  • Did you know that some media rack systems are built with a cooling fan to prevent overheating? This is especially important when you have several components on one rack. Our experts at Experience Audio Video Inc. distribute cable television, satellite television, and antenna signals to all your TV locations throughout the home from the rack. Our media racks solutions are just the start; you can also distribute all other sources to your TV locations, including DVD players, VCRs, DVRs, etc.

Why revamp your outdoor space?

Our team has over 25 years of experience in serving many homes in Orange County, California. At Entertainment Audio Video Inc. we are the best go-to installer for your outdoor av residential solutions. We deliver nothing but top quality and service to our clients. 

Home Media Racks Systems and More with Crestron?

If you are ready to take your home theater, audio, or video to the next level, it’s time to look into our custom residential solutions. Let us help you make your home more functional and enjoyable with our custom services.

Services we provide include:

  • Custom Media Room Design
  • Home Theater Design
  • Whole House Audio
  • Home Automation
  • Phone and Network Wiring
  • HDTV Antenna Systems
  • Satellite Dish Systems
  • Surround Sound Systems

The heart of any media system is the equipment rack. The media rack houses most of your electronics and allows them to work as a whole. Our team can design and install a media rack that meets your needs. In some cases, the equipment can be hidden away in a closet or cabinet; other times, it is proudly displayed in the center of attention.

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