Allow Experience Audio Video Inc. help you revamp your residential spaces with our Crestron Home products. At Experience Audio Video Inc. we provide both wired and wireless audio/video  distribution systems for our customers in all of Orange County. Audio distribution systems allow you to use your iPad or smartphone to control home lighting, temperature, appliances, and security; creating a personalized experience.

Best Home Video Distibution System 

Our home audio distribution system  provides low-voltage, high-bandwidth whole-house audio/video systems, and media distribution systems. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge technology and service that can be installed in any home. We want to be the ultimate source for your home entertainment needs.

As a homeowner, a DIY enthusiast, or a builder, you may want to install an audio-visual solution in your home. This might include a home theater system, large screen TV and video equipment, desktop PC and laptops, hi-fi system, wireless music distribution, and associated multi-room control or lighting.

Allow our experienced installers to help you design and install quality solutions that help you create the home of your dreams. 


Certified Crestron Dealer for your residential audio and video media distribution solutions and installation services

With us as your Crestron dealer, you can bring smart technology to your property while leaving the hard work to our technicians in Orange County.

We will be happy to plan and oversee your smart home project from the ground up. Here’s what our technicians can do for your place:

  • Set up and connect Crestron video-audio solutions, locks, shades, lights, control units, and other products
  • Program Crestron software and devices
  • Adjust the configurations to match your lifestyle
  • Guide you and your family through the use of Crestron systems
  • Update and troubleshoot your systems

What makes us the best Crestron residential dealer for your project is that we always add a personal touch to smart home systems. There are no default settings for a personalized home. That’s why we adjust all Crestron products to your and your family’s specific needs.

A free quote marks the beginning of your personalized home journey!