Get the best in home monitoring security with our team of experts and Crestron products. At Entertainment Audio Video Inc. we help home owners in Orange county improve their home’s with the best home security solutions.

Imagine a home that locks the doors at night or turns on the fire alarm on its own when there is trouble. We offer a fully integrated home video survellience solutions for our customers to give you that extra peace of mind and top of the line security.Experienced Audio Video Inc. can give you increased home security and control your home from your smartphone. With our home camera solutions you’ll have complete control of everything in your home; from your desktop or anywhere in the world. The more efficiently all your systems work together, the more time you have to concentrate on making money and enjoying your free time. 

The Best Home Security Solutions

Security and surveillance system solutions can be monitored through an in-wall touch screen or iPad with camera views available on your television or mobile device. Security alerts can be sent via email to any number of mobile devices. Rest assured that your home security will be at your fingertips 24/7 for convenience and peace of mind.