Enjoy great views and great sound with our outdoor av systems serving our customers in Orange County, California. Our goal is to help you create lifelong memories with your friends and family with the perfect outdoor entertainment environment.

We offer high-grade quality entertainment and outdoor av systems, including high-performance audio and premium visuals for the ultimate smart setup that will improve the time spent at home. 

At Entertainment Audio Video Inc. we have experts trained to work on your property to give you the best. We are not just concerned about getting the job done, but we care about your finances too, and that is why we discuss with you beforehand the kind of service suitable for your home based on your income and space.

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Why revamp your outdoor space? 

Our team has over 25 years of experience in serving many homes in Orange County, California. At Entertainment Audio Video Inc. we are the best go-to installer for your outdoor av residential solutions. We deliver nothing but top quality and service to our clients. 

Certified Crestron Dealer for your Outdoor Entertainment Solutions

We are proud to be your Orange County, California Crestron dealer. We help you bring the best in smart technology and outdoor AV systems to your property while leaving the hard work to our technicians in Orange County.

We will be happy to plan and oversee your smart home project from the ground up. Here’s what our technicians can do for your place:

  • Set up and connect Crestron video-audio solutions, locks, shades, lights, control units, and other products
  • Program Crestron software and devices
  • Adjust the configurations to match your lifestyle
  • Guide you and your family through the use of Crestron systems
  • Update and troubleshoot your systems

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