Let Experience Audio Video Inc. help you revamp your residential spaces with a motorized window shade system. We are all about improving your experience and home atmosphere with motorized blinds and shades. 

Like many homeowners, you know that the wrong lighting can make even the most beautiful space feel uncomfortable.  Our motorized shades installation services help our clients to create the perfect mood lighting for any room of the home.

Motorized Shades Solutions

With motorized windows and blinds systems, there’s no more reaching up on ladders or straining to pull down too heavy blinds—now remote control or a smartphone app will do all the work for you! If you’re looking for something more advanced, we have smart home systems that can be integrate multiple home accessories.


The perfect motorized window shade system transforms harsh glares into soft pleasing light. Our experts can install and set your shades to perform at different times of day so that you can enjoy your morning coffee with a complete open view and half-drawn when more privacy is desired at dinnertime. Shading also reduces solar heat gain and provides UV protection for expensive furnishings and artwork. Clients can choose shade styles and fabrics that meld seamlessly with their home’s design.

Motorized Shades Save Money on Energy Costs

A motorized shading system is an excellent way to reduce your home’s energy consumption. Not only does it reduce the need for air conditioning in the warm months, but shades are often chosen over drapery treatments because they are better insulators. The result is lower heating costs in winter as well as summer.

Certified Crestron Dealer for your Complete Smart Home Transformation in Orange County

With us as your Crestron dealer, you can bring innovative technology to your property while leaving the hard work to our technicians in Orange County.

We will be happy to plan and oversee your smart home project from the ground up. Here’s what our technicians can do for your place:

  • Set up and connect Crestron video-audio solutions, locks, shades, lights, control units, and other products
  • Program Crestron software and devices
  • Adjust the configurations to match your lifestyle
  • Guide you and your family through the use of Crestron systems
  • Update and troubleshoot your systems

There are no default settings for a personalized home, get a free no obligation quote for your next home project today!