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Setting Up a Home Network Is Not As Easy As You Think

home network

Unless you know about every connected device in your home and how to get the most out of each through the type of network connection, you should not try to set up a home network on your own. Doing so will only cause you headaches and potentially lead to underperformance of your smart devices.

Home Network Setup for Your Home’s Connected Devices

Many homeowners can set up a wireless network with their phones or computers. However, doing so with a game system or smart thermostat may not be as obvious. Professional home network installers can do this for you because in some cases, the devices may require hard-wiring the connection with ethernet cables. For instance, streaming video works best with Ethernet-connected devices that ensure a strong internet connection throughout the movie or show.

Unlike Wi-Fi connections, wired ones don’t rely on proximity to a router for their strength. Therefore, you can have connected devices anywhere in the house and still get the type of constant connectivity you need for live streaming or gaming.

Hiding the Wires from Sight

Experts in smart house installation and setting up whole house network solutions know how to keep multiple wires from view. In some cases, this may require running wires through the walls, like electrical cables. Keeping network cables and devices neat and organized is the hallmark of the professional installation of smart devices and their connections.

Installing Home Network Connectivity During Construction

One way to integrate your home automation systems or home network wiring is during the construction phase of your home. At this stage, the installer will discuss final expectations for home networking and the devices connected to it. During construction, wires for the network can go into the walls for a permanent setup that only requires connecting devices after moving in, for maximum ease of completing the setup of your smart house.

Contact Experience Audio Video Inc. for Home Network Setup and More

If you want to make your home a smart one, do it intelligently by having our professionals create your home’s network to optimize everything connected to it. Contact us today at Experience Audio Video Inc. for more information about our residential construction services and network setup after you’ve moved in.



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