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The Future of Restaurants Is Here with Interactive Ordering from the Table

interactive ordering

People have grown accustomed to ordering their food through interactive menus. In fact, during early 2020, 40.1% of consumers indicated that they ordered more online than before. The ability to customize orders easily through online systems improves order accuracy. Why not bring this technique to your restaurant to add a futuristic element to your patrons’ dining experiences? New touchscreen, interactive ordering technology makes it possible.

Customer Comfort

Customers feel comfortable and capable of using online ordering systems. Since they already know how to do this online, there will not be a steep learning curve for them to do so in your restaurant. Plus, you can still have servers on hand to assist customers who need help with the interactive ordering system or for those who want to order from a person.

Improve Accuracy

Order accuracy may drop when customers tell their order to a server who writes it down and puts it into a computer ordering system later. However, when customers place their own orders, they can verify that everything they want is correct before finalizing and submitting the order. Plus, they can see the total cost of the meal if they want to budget their spending.

Accurate ordering can improve customer satisfaction with the meal and reduce the amount of comps your managers need to make for order errors.

Allow for Customization

Customization is important today as many restaurant customers have special requests due to food allergies, diets, or personal tastes. By giving customers interactive ordering at the table, they can create the customized orders their lifestyle requires and ensure that they have made the proper requests.

Depending on the type of software used, you can even allow customers to view images of the menu items and to see the results of their customizations. For instance, they can see a standard hamburger from the menu and images of what the burger would look like with the addition or cheese or served in a lettuce wrap instead of a bun.

Bring the Future to Your Restaurant Today with Help from Experience Audio Video

If you want to give your customers the best interactive ordering equipment, you need quality touchscreens that are clear, durable, and free of problems. Contact our experts at Experience Audio Video to find out how you can give your customers the comfortable, accurate, and customizable ordering method they’ve become accustomed to.




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