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The Importance of Healthcare Video Distribution

healthcare video distribution

Healthcare does not stop at treating physical ailments. Your facility should also help boost the mental health of those who work there and use your services. Healthcare video distribution throughout your facility can help with worker morale and information and improving patient comfort. Whether you have a small clinic or operate a large hospital, you should consider the type of video distribution system your facility has and how you can improve it.

Improve Your Ability to Disseminate Information

You don’t need to wait for all your employees to have free time to host a meeting for information distribution. Use video to disseminate the information to your employees when they have time available. They can tune into the meeting from their desks at the facility or view a recording of the meeting on a screen in their office at their convenience. Quickly getting information out to your workers can be especially vital in emergencies when time is short.

Boost Staff Morale

Your staff can have morale boosts through videos that promote health and wellness for them. Broadcasting positive messages can help improve worker morale, especially in the tough, stressful healthcare industry.

With video distribution, you can also use it as a reward in lounge areas by using the TVs for streaming services or cable to help employees relax on their breaks. They can return to their tasks better rested and relaxed after having a little downtime with their favorite shows in the lounge.

Increase Patient Comfort

Patients rarely enjoy visiting healthcare facilities. However, having quality TVs for them to watch while they wait can improve their comfort. In fact, a study played videos to educate patients in the emergency room waiting area about what to expect. Those who saw the videos reported improved satisfaction with their emergency room experience. While patients did not perceive their waiting times to be shorter when watching the video, they felt more satisfied with the experience and learned more about alternatives to going to the ER for less severe problems.

Trust Experience Audio Video to Install Quality Healthcare Video Distribution 

Your healthcare video distribution system should meet the high standards that you have for providing patient care. Therefore, don’t trust the selection and installation of this equipment to just any company. Trust us at Experience Audio Video Inc. for your healthcare video system. With 20 years in the business, we know exactly what our customers need. Contact us today to find out more about having high-end video systems installed in your healthcare facility.





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