Vantage home automation: The ultimate future of smart home systems

With its intuitive interface and wide range of features, Vantage is a perfect addition to any smart home. It can keep your ideal lighting and happy mood intact and easily controlled with exquisite grace. Whether you want to dim the lights, brighten up your rooms, or adjust the temperature, Vantage control systems are your #1 way to take your home into the future. And Experience Audio Video can help you do it at the highest level of elegance.

Vantage smart home system in Orange County

Vantage automation elevates expectations for those who own residential and commercial places. Not only does Vantage offer a host of benefits that can make your life easier, more feature-rich, and more comfortable, but it also does it with another level of style and sophistication.

With this system, you can effortlessly control every aspect of your home remotely or in person with the touch of a laser-engraved button. This is what turns the Vantage home automation solution into: 

  • A new dimension of beauty brought to life by stunning LCD keypad styles with the EasyTouch Glass luxury finish
  • New horizons in lighting exemplified by the comfort of human-centric natural lighting, shading, and air-conditioning
  • Easy-to-modify system to adjust it to your preferences
  • Uncompromised cost-effectiveness 
  • Custom home automation

Vantage systems in Orange County work for your home and office

Vantage systems ideally work in large spaces. They offer precise wireless control of individual rooms and floors, regardless of your interior design or how spacious your place is. The system flawlessly complements homes of all sizes and is often touted by:

  • Busy people who want to come home and instantly relax without worrying about changing the lights or locking the doors.
  • Parents who want to keep an eye on their children, even when they’re not at home. 

Vantage control systems can adjust the temperature, set schedules for lights and appliances, monitor security, and do many other things. Plus, Vantage can be easily tailored to whatever makes your dream place while being managed from a smartphone or tablet. 

If you’re looking for an automation system that goes beyond the ordinary dimensions of total home control, Vantage is your best solution. With it, you can enjoy your days with peace of mind knowing that your ambiance is always safe and comfortable. 

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