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February 4, 2023
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Video collaboration tips

With the pandemic affecting the world, almost everyone one of us has been accustomed to video collaboration and various other remote working tools. Therefore, the video conferencing provision has become extremely crucial since then!

There is no doubt in the facts that video collaboration can enhance the overall productivity of the business and can also save the time of the people from traveling. This technology has become so famous of late that it has not just ranged from the freely available social media software such as Skype to the dedicated room-based calling modules. However, there could be several challenges, too, if video conferencing is not executed appropriately. That’s when you will have no choice but to witness a lot of distractions. 

Effective Video collaboration tips

  • Ensure having a stable internet connectivity

Having stable and fast internet connectivity will ensure that video conferencing runs smoothly. In case the connection gets slow, you will have to bear the effect of it in your meeting. The call will get to witness visual disruptions and inconsistent audio coverage, which you are definitely not going to love! Using a LAN cable while being connected through the laptop might give you stable connectivity.

  • Set the agenda prior to the conference

Before you start the meeting, you must always have your agenda clear. You can even choose to specify the agenda while sharing the meeting invitation with the attendees. Definitely, this will assist the guests in knowing the reason and purpose behind the call. It will help them design their own preparations accordingly.

  • Consider the time zones whole setting up the video conference

In case you are going to have participants from multiple parts of the world, you should keep the time zones in their respective countries in mind before sending the meeting invitation. Setting up the calendar invite during an odd hour of the day will confuse the attendees. It may also impact the overall purpose of your call for no reason.

  • Learn the features well

Minimize all sorts of echo from the microphone while the conference call is going on! Try to eliminate the background noises. Ensure that you are informing all your participants to keep themselves mute until and unless they aren’t speaking up about their thoughts.

  • Avoid all sorts of distractions.

While joining the call and unmuting, you must keep your cell phone away. Make sure that it isn’t causing any distractions. Also, set the camera appropriately in the line of sight.

  • Consider the environment

If you are setting up a conference that requires a more professional setting, have the right kind of lights. You must also be ensuring the fact that you aren’t hindering the professionalism of your brand by any chance. If required, you may book a meeting room to ensure that you are being seated in a better environment that matches the vibe of your company.

  • Do not speak all at a time.

If you have a lot of guests on the same conference call, it might be a little challenging to maintain the decorum. Hold your patience and ensure you aren’t speaking all at the time. Of course, the host’s sole responsibility is to hold the situation and ensure that each of the attendees gets a chance to express their opinions.

  • Dress well

Since you are going to appear in the call to discuss your business provisions and your camera is going to be on, you must maintain the decorum of the form too! Consider your company’s reputation and dress nicely so that the people on the other side of the screen can realize the formal setting you have maintained during the meeting.

  • Select a good conferencing software

Good software will always help you avail proper communication. This will also ensure that you can maximize the productivity of your business. Always prioritize getting the latest version for your business – one compatible with your OS. This will eventually help you ensure you get a smooth and seamless call.

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