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What Is Home Automation?

home automation

Home automation, also known as having a smart home, has grown rapidly over the last few years, especially in the United States. Americans boasted the highest percentage of homes worldwide with at least one smart home device at 37% of households in 2020. Whether you have only one device and want to add more or still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, it is not too late to automate various aspects of your home.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation does not always mean the same thing as a smart home, though the two terms are often interchangeable. A smart home has devices connected to the internet for remote operation or programming. WHIle many of these can be automated, some home automation devices have local control.

For instance, a programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule for when you want to turn on your air conditioner and how cold you want your home to be. Once the program starts, it will automatically turn the system on and off to meet the temperatures you set. However, there are now smart thermostats that you can program or make changes to their programming from the internet. These offer greater control and monitoring of your resources.

How Do You Control Home Automation?

Smart Home sources can have control through your home’s wireless network and the internet. This type of control allows you to use an app on your phone or tablet to turn on lights, control your home theater, or adjust the air conditioner.

Other types of automation systems use keypads within the home. Most devices, though, are trending toward smart operation through your phone to cut down on the number of remotes you need to control your home’s systems.

Home Automation Devices

Examples of home automation devices include your home’s lights, music system, home theater, HVAC system, and shades. Through your preferred device, you can readily set up these systems to activate as you walk in the door from work or to turn on and off while you’re on vacation to give your home the appearance of occupation.

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