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Why You Need a Home Theater

home theater

The need for a home theater is even greater today than ever. In 2020, many movie theaters closed to prevent the spreading of the virus. To compensate for lost revenue, movie studios found a balance by offering many first-run movies through streaming services. For instance, Disney’s live-action Mulan was the first movie to have both in-theater and home-streaming releases. With this first foray into home streaming, many other studios followed suit. Now, you can still see many new releases in the comfort of your home theater.

Why Have a Home Theater

One of the biggest reasons that people go to movie theaters aside from the access to new releases is the environment. Movie theaters have better lighting, sound quality, and comfort than most living rooms. However, you can replicate the feeling of a movie theater at home with a home theater.

Benefits of a Home Theater

Home movie-watching experiences often surpass those of movie theaters in many ways. First, you don’t have to spend money for each person to get a ticket. One streaming price allows your entire family to watch the movie.

Secondly, you can skip the lackluster popcorn and watered-down sodas sold for extravagant prices at movie concession stands. Instead, when you watch movies at home, you can make your own popcorn to your liking and choose your favorite drinks or other snacks.

Movies also have the problem of people sitting in front of you who may be taller than you, blocking your view or talking during the movie and ruining your experience. You don’t have to worry about these at home.

Perhaps the best part of watching movies at home is the ability to pause the film for snack or bathroom breaks. You’ll never miss a second when you stream movies at home.

How to Get a Theater Setup in Your Home

Movie theaters differ significantly in how they deliver audio and video from living rooms. First, movie theaters have speakers surrounding the audience, for sound coming from all sides. You can replicate this with speakers strategically placed around your home’s theater room.

Movie theaters also have high-definition screens with images much larger than standard home televisions. If you use a projector, you can get quality video in a movie-theater size at home.

With a movie room setup at home, you can enjoy all the benefits of the movies without the downsides.

Let Experience Audio Video Inc. Handle Your Home Movie Room Installation

If you want to get the best experience streaming first-run movies at home, contact us at Experience Audio Video Inc. to help in installing your home theater equipment. With a professional setup and installation, you can enjoy the same surround sound and high-definition video that you get at the movies without the high concession prices or people blocking your view.







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