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Why Your Business Needs Central Audio and Video Distribution

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Whether you have a retail or office building, you should consider centralizing your audio and video distribution. These systems put all the controls for the audio and video throughout your building in a single site. While you will have an investment in setting up the equipment, the returns on that investment will quickly become clear.

Localized Control

With a single hub for your AV system, you gain ultimate control over the content and the use of audio and video throughout your building. With one place to control everything, you will save time on changing sound or video options playing anywhere in your business. Do you want to change the video playing in your waiting areas or turn off the music in the cafeteria? You can do both from one site when you have an AV hub installed.

Easy On and Off of Audio and Video Equipment

When an audio and video distribution hub, you can quickly shut down all the AV equipment in the office at the end of the day. With this type of control, you can reduce power use by accidentally leaving a system on overnight. Alternatively, you can quickly boot up your AV equipment for a meeting room from the hub in case you need it for an impromptu meeting.

Better Quality and Control of Audio and Video Equipment

If your business has a meeting room with audio and video equipment, you may use it for hosting meetings with remote participants. The biggest complaint of remote meetings in a Cisco survey in 2020 was poor audio quality with half of the respondents reporting this issue. While the problem occurs regularly in remote meetings, workers may also complain about this issue inside the office.

If you use an intercom system for announcements, you need to make sure the audio is made to produce intelligible sound throughout the building. Connecting this quality equipment to a centralized audio and video distribution hub ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot gain control of the intercom system.

Get Your Audio and Video Distribution Center Hub from Experience Audio Video Inc.

If you want to improve control over your audio and video system in your building, connect with Experience Audio Video Inc. Our experts can ensure that you have high-quality AV equipment and the centralized controls needed to operate it. We help businesses throughout Southern California improve their audio and video distribution systems. Let us partner with your company to do the same.



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