Bar and Restaurant Audio Visual Solutions

We can help you revamp your business with our bar and restaurant AV solutions. Bar and restaurant owners understand how difficult it is to attract new consumers. Implementing foodservice av solutions into your business space is one method to supercharge your bar or restaurant and set yourself out from the competition. Experience Audio Video Inc. can assist you.

We understand the fierce competition in the bar and restaurant sector in Orange County, and we can make your business stand out. The correct video and sound system can make your guests feel at ease while also providing the entertainment they deserve.

How we can help Revamp your Bar and Restaurant with Crestron in Orange County

Video display

You can use video to improve your customer experience with the latest technology in video screens for your bar and restaurant. Experience Audio Video Inc. professionals will explain the differences between regular consumer televisions and commercial video displays, which offer a better viewing experience, withstand the rigors of professional use, and have features tailored to commercial requirements.

Audio system installation

When it pertains to sound system installation, working with a professional has a lot of advantages. While hanging speakers and running wires may be all that is required, there is a massive distinction between an old installation and a professional installation.

Professionals at Experience Audio Video Inc. are the right choice for speaker placement, wiring routing, and amplifier installation. We understand the significance and complexities of a professional installation and will ensure that your system looks and sounds fantastic right away and for years to come.

Digital Menu Boards

Adding a digital menu board is one of the quickest and most cost-effective methods to enhance the appearance and atmosphere of your bar or restaurant. Menu boards for bars and restaurants are more than simply a way to present your food and drink options; they also give your space a modern, dynamic feel. These boards are simple to update and can be customized to match your company’s identity.

Surveillance systems

You want to ensure your restaurant property is always protected because it is a significant investment. Our specialists at Experience Audio Video Inc. specialize in bar and restaurant surveillance systems and can help you design and install one that will safeguard your property.

Get Started with Our Bar and Restaurant AV Solutions Installation Commercial Services in Orange County

Experience Audio Video, Inc. is centrally located in Orange County, CA, with unmatched experience and proficiency in the audio-video industry. We are dedicated to helping bar and restaurant owners install and create the audio and video systems of their dreams and helping your business grow. 

We offer custom services to commercial facilities that wish to install modern audio-video technologies, such as digital signage, video walls, audio-video environments, conference room automation, and lighting systems, in their lobbies and waiting rooms. Having serviced homes and businesses in Orange County for over 25 years, we draw from our wealth of experience in ensuring our services’ reliability and ease of use.

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